Recognizing Excellence in Research and Field Education

nominated field educators.

2018-2019 Nominated Field Educators


Honoring Distinctive Research: Accolades for faculty and student contributions

Research is one of the cornerstones of our school. Our faculty and students are passionately engaged in examining populations, data and theories, and in spending time finding evidence-based solutions. These annual awards help us shine a spotlight on some of the intense and important work that’s being done here.

In the field: Awards for field educators highlight the importance of the experience

Each year, we acknowledge two of our most outstanding field educators. They are nominated by their peers, coworkers or students. It’s an honor for us to have so many dedicated professionals sharing their experience with our students, and we thank each of you, who give your time and experience to help form our newest professionals. It gives us great pleasure to introduce this year’s awardees to you, our readers.