Student Clubs and Organizations

MSW students at the CRISP political bootcamp.

Macro social work in action: Whitney Marris, Kristen Hibit, Hector Chaidez Ruacho and CRISP President Dr. Charles E. Lewis Jr., pictured at the CRISP Political Boot Camp and Media Training in Washington, D.C. Learn more about their experience.

The UB School of Social Work has a variety of student clubs and organizations that any social work student can join. Want to start a new club? Reach out to Student Services

Information for the 2023-2024 academic year.

UB Association of Black Social Workers

Established in March 2021, UBABSW aims to promote the welfare and survival of the Black community with a foremost focus on Black people, with the means of Black unity. We have pledged to organize and develop our community by creating, providing and expanding information regarding minority concerns in social work.

Contact: Vanity Withrow, president, at

UBSSW Graduate Student Association

The UBSSW Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a group of elected student representatives that serves as the voice for social work students at both the school and university level. GSA representatives attend faculty council meetings monthly, facilitate the selection of the commencement speaker and support commencement planning. The GSA also hosts periodic events and manages a funds budget comprised of the “Graduate Activity Fee” that all seated students pay.

Contact: Megan Battista, president, at   

2SLGBTQIA+ Affinity Group

In 2023, a group of UB MSW students formed 2SLGBTQIA+, an affinity group to share resources, check in, vent, organize and have a giggle. They created the UBSSW Alphabet & Allies chat group for current students. From here, the group may decide to become an officially recognized student organization. For now, we hope to have a few gatherings and participate in mutual aid in the greater Buffalo area.

Contact: Nic DeSmet at or Peyton McConville at

Macro Social Work Student Network

The Macro Social Work Student Network aims to broaden students' understanding and appreciation of macro social work. The network is an open forum for discussing systemic issues and the power that macro social work holds in creating structural support and removing systemic barriers for individuals, families and communities in long-standing, far-reaching ways.

Contact: Alisa Chirico at