Criteria and Responsibilities


  1. A Master's Degree in social work and NYS License (either LMSW or LCSW, as appropriate to the setting / level of intern's clinical responsibilities)
  2. Willing to meet the stated Field Educator Responsibilities
  3. Be free of any professional sanctions by NASW
  4. Two years post master's social work experience (preferred)
  5. Have worked in the field placement agency for at least one year (preferred)


  1. Attend an orientation session provided by the School (required for all new field educators).
  2. Provide the student with an orientation to the agency, including information on safety protocol, HIPAA requirements, or other regulations specific to field site.
  3. Provide suitable workspace.
  4. Coordinate the involvement of other agency staff with the student's learning experience.
  5. Develop, with the student, a learning contract which reflects the learning opportunities and activities to meet the learning objectives and expected outcomes identified by the school.
  6. Provide a minimum of one hour per week of supervision in order to provide feedback, education, and role modeling.
  7. Review course syllabi provided by student in order to assist in the integration of field and academic experiences.
  8. Identify assignments to help the foundation year student learn a broad range of social work interventions and/or Advanced Year students to experience activities related to their area of Advanced Year.
  9. Provide ongoing evaluation of the student throughout the placement and to provide feedback on progress toward meeting their identified objectives.
  10. Notify the faculty liaison of any problems or questions as soon as they become evident.
  11. Complete and submit, by the designated time, a written mid-placement and final evaluation of the student's progress.
  12. Ensure that the student completes the minimum required hours for the field placement.
  13. Attend training seminars provided by the Field Education Department.
  14. Participate in three-way conferences with the student and faculty liaison during the field placement.
  15. Abide by the NASW Code of Ethics.