SUNY Tuition Waivers

Educators are eligible for a SUNY tuition waiver that is equivalent to tuition for one 3-credit course. University fees and course-related fees are not included.

Semester Available Online Due Date
Fall October 1 November 1
Spring March 1 April 1
Summer July 1 August 1

Tuition Waivers - the fine print

Requests will be sent to financial processing so that they may issue a certificate to your home address.

  • Fall requests are processed the first couple of weeks of January, so that they are issued and taxable in the next tax year.  Example: Fall 2018 – issued January 2019, taxable in 2019.
  • Spring requests are processed in June
  • Summer requests are processed in September

Please review a few important details regarding the waiver below.

  • Tuition Waivers cannot be used in the semester that they are earned.
  • Tuition Waivers can be used for 2 years after issuance date.
  • Waivers requested at this time will be reported to the IRS and NYS Income Tax Bureau as income for the 2018 fiscal year. 
  • The tax liability is imposed once the tuition waiver is issued to you regardless of whether or not you actually use it. 
  • Once issued, waivers cannot be returned to void tax liability.

Please see the example figures below:

In 2018 a 3 credit waiver will result in a Form 1099 being issued for $1,635 and may be added to your taxable income (based on $545/graduate credit hour).

Possible tax implications based on your tax bracket based on a 1099 being issued for $1,635.

  • 15% tax bracket – tax $245
  • 25% tax bracket – tax $327



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