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CEU Workshop: Cultural Humility in Action: Raising Awareness of Migratory Grief and the Use of Dichos with Latinos

Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2023, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.Add to my calendar


Free UBSSW volunteers and students, $25 for SSW alumni, $25 all others

Hector Chaidez Ruacho, MSW '20

Sarah Watson, (716) 645-1259 (sjwatson@buffalo.edu)

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The deadline to register is March 23.

A recent report found that Latinos experience several barriers to mental health treatment, including a lack of culturally tailored services. This barrier can lead to the underutilization of services by Latinos as they can feel that their values are not going to be understood in therapeutic spaces. This presentation targets this barrier by increasing awareness of the importance of culturally tailoring services using language. Dichos - sayings, proverbs, or idioms commonly used in Spanish by Latinos can play a significant role in engagement. Dichos, have been shown to help reduce the fear that the Latino culture will be further stripped from clients. Moreover, when properly used, dichos assist non-Latino providers in engaging through a pure form of cultural humility that places providers as learners and the families as the experts of their language and culture.

Workshop Objectives:
-Demonstrate awareness of cultural humility and its application with Latinos;
-Identify strengths in Latino culture to be utilized in clinical treatment;
-Increase awareness of migratory grief and the importance of its acknowledgement; and
-Develop foundational knowledge of the utilization of dichos with Latinos as a tool for engagement.