Useful Websites

Addiction Research Foundation

Primarily an information- based outlet targeted at researchers and fact-finders. Contains a searchable literature database,  downloadable reports and statistics, extensive bibliographies, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding alcohol and other drugs.

CASA at Columbia University

Presents information and resources to a broad-based audience including  consumers, practitioners, and researchers. Provides links to news and press releases, faculty publications, current research endeavors, and links to other related websites, as well as a link dedicated to youth and their families.

Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF)

This link provides direct access to FVPF's publication "Preventing Domestic Violence: Clinical Guidelines on Routine Screening," downloadable  in PDF format. The document contains specific guidelines addressed to various health service providers (e.g., primary care, obstetrics/ gynecology, mental health, etc.) for screening for domestic violence.

The Lindesmith Center

Offers to the general public a variety of current event summaries regarding addictions, with an emphasis on drug- and drug policy-related national news briefs. Other useful tools include an on-line searchable library, a virtual community of discussion forums and chat rooms, and links to news clips and listserves.

National Families in Action

Geared towards families and consumers, this website houses information on drug laws, drugs' effects on the human body, drug reform and legalization and drug research. Provides a number of links to current news articles, media reports and domestic and international policies and programs.

NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services

Of interest to practitioners, researchers and policymakers, this website contains information related to substance abuse prevention, provider training and licensing and consumer advocacy. Consumers and practitioners will find links to referral sources, self-help and 12-step websites and to publications and video lending, legislation updates and research findings.

Off-site Resources and Sponsoring or Affiliated Organizations