Part-Time Faculty Resources

As a part-time faculty member, you will find many resources in the UB School of Social Work to support you and equip you to be successful in your role. This page provides an overview of people to contact, useful instructional resources and logistical supports.

Who to turn to for help

If your concern relates to multiple programs or you are unable to reach your respective program director, contact Patricia Logan-Greene, associate professor and associate dean for academic affairs.

UB School of Social Work Handbook

Find answers to common questions and issues in our faculty/staff handbook (secure site)

Instructional resources

As you prepare to teach at the UB School of Social Work, consult these helpful instructional resources.

Classroom Support

Facilities: For questions about heating and cooling, chalk, erasers and cleaning within the classroom, contact UB Facilities at 716-645-2025.

Technology: Look up the passcode or lock combination for classroom technology.

Expectations for students

We have high standards for our students in order to prepare them to be ethical and effective social workers.

Our MSW students are expected to follow the NASW Code of Ethics, be responsive to instruction and feedback, and follow the UBSSW Student HandbookField Manual and Technical Standards.

Our Student Services Office can consult with you on student issues or concerns. Contact them at

UB resources and offices

To order textbooks, you can call or email the bookstore or use the online ordering tool. Look for the online ordering link under the “Faculty Services” section.