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Additional Self-Care Resources

Below are links to additional self-care resources that we have compiled. From readings to inspirational material, we hope they will be useful to you.

A student's reflection on self-care...

"Take time each day to be mindful. Enjoy the little things and the little moments. The little moments will make you aware of the big truths in life and make you aware of where beautiful things and peace come from."  See more student feedback.

The benefits of social support, and ideas for building relationships
Poetry, inspiring quotes and images and more.
A selection of material from professionals in the field.
A topical collection of online resources.
UB websites, Buffalo self-care resources, and things to do in the Buffalo-Niagara region.
Former students offer advice on self-care.
References to a range of self-care literature.

Check out the UB School of Social Work's Continuing Education's pinterest board on self-care.