Faculty Spotlight

denise krause.
“My hope is that by emphasizing engagement and listening before acting, our graduates will create empowering practice communities. ”

I feel very privileged to have this position in social work education. I'm interested in training people, in educating or training students and professionals in solution-focused practice or approaches at all levels of practice. When we’re solution-focused, we’re trauma informed. I am very passionate about connecting the school to the community and seeing the relationship as reciprocal. My hope is that when our students go out into practice areas, whether they practice at policy level or at the one-to-one direct service level, that they're able to practice in a way that utilizes these solution-focused skills to create trauma informed systems of care.

Ultimately, I would like to expand these concepts throughout larger systems of care; Sue Green and I are in the process of training and developing a pool of mentors to be able to deliver this, as there is a potential for adaptation to other cultural contexts on an international level.