Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice

Portrait of Amanda Cambell Graduate of UB's School of Social Work at the Buffalo American Red Cross Headquarters.

Diversity in UB’s School of Social Work

In everything we do, we reflect an equitable and inclusive learning and working community that values the diverse racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and sociocultural communities we serve.

We have a strong commitment to recruiting and nurturing students, faculty and staff who represent diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences.

Justice for Greater Social Good

We pride ourself on our deliberate support of a more equitable social balance. You shouldn't be surprised to see our faculty vocally expressing solidarity with or aversion to the world's most pressing societal issues. Here are a few examples:

The demographic snapshots below summarize the gender and racial/ethnic composition of students, faculty and staff in UB’s School of Social Work as of fall 2021.

Race & Ethnicity