Racial Justice Network (RJN)

Mapped circles with Racial Justice Network in middle, then clockwise around it: deepening knowledge, reforming policy, forging community, developing skills, taking action and conducting research.

Our Racial Justice Network is a cooperative, pluralist approach to cultivating racial equity in our school’s academic programs, research agendas, administrative policies and informal culture.

Rather than taking a single path, forming a single committee, or concentrating on a single front, our networked approach enables individuals and groups to create a node within this larger system, taking action on the issues and in the ways they see fit.

We hope that this approach will honor and capitalize on the diversity among us, allowing our school to work on multiple fronts with the unified purpose of moving toward racial justice.

Click on the below presentation to learn about our efforts. We will update this map to reflect the network’s evolution.

Racial Justice Coordinating Committee

  • Stephanee Alcantar, MSW student
  • Annahita Ball, faculty
  • Elizabeth Bowen, faculty
  • Filomena Critelli, faculty
  • Elyse Fuerst, MSW student
  • Seventy F. Hall, PhD student
  • Joshua Hine, staff
  • Annette Semanchin Jones, faculty
  • Isok Kim, faculty
  • Laura Lewis, faculty
  • Michael Lynch, faculty
  • Sarah Martin, PhD student
  • Katie McClain-Meeder, faculty
  • Nadine Shaanta Murshid, faculty
  • Yunju Nam, faculty
  • Sarah Richards-Desai, PhD student
  • Candra Skrzypek, PhD student
  • Noelle M. St. Vil, faculty  
  • Ashley Wimble, MSW student
Interested in being involved?

If you are interested in being involved in the Racial Justice Network or Coordinating Committee, contact us at sw-racialjustice@buffalo.edu