Leadership and Administration

Keith Alford.

Dean and Professor

680 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1266
Email: sw-dean@buffalo.edu

Richard Amantia.

Richard G. Amantia

Director of Technology Services

661 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1246
Email: amantia@buffalo.edu

Louanne Bakk.

DSW Program Director

668 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1861
Email: louanneb@buffalo.edu

Matthew Biddle.

Matthew Biddle

Director of Communications and Marketing

677 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1226
Email: mrbiddle@buffalo.edu

Anna Cerrato.

Anna Cerrato

Assistant to the Dean

678 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1266
Email: cerrato@buffalo.edu

Filomena Critelli.

Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

681 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1250
Email: fmc8@buffalo.edu

Filomena Critelli.

Heather A. Cruz

Vice Dean and Chief of Staff

683 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-9113
Email: hacruz@buffalo.edu

Courtney Doxbeck.

Courtney Doxbeck

Director of Academic Processes & Data Operations

671 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-3256
Email: crdoxbec@buffalo.edu

Catherine Dulmus.

Associate Dean for Research

591 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1253
Email: cdulmus@buffalo.edu

Kathleen Heim.

Kathleen T. Heim

Director, Office of Continuing Education

232 Parker Hall
Phone: 716-829-5847
Email: ktheim@buffalo.edu

Joshua Hine.

Joshua Hine

Assistant Dean for Student and Academic Affairs

670 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1863
Email: jchine@buffalo.edu

Annette Semanchin Jones.

PhD Program Director

225 Parker Hall
Phone: 716-645-1862
Email: amsemanc@buffalo.edu

Denise Krause.

Associate Dean for Community Engagement and Alumni Relations

620 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1223
Email: dkrause@buffalo.edu

Laura Lewis.

Assistant Dean for Global Partnerships

627 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1232
Email: lalewis@buffalo.edu

Patricia Logan-Greene.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

630 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1533
Email: pblogang@buffalo.edu

Katie McClain-Meeder.

MSW Program Director

655 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1260
Email: mcclainm@buffalo.edu

Lauren McGowan.

Lauren McGowan

Assistant Dean for Admissions and Enrollment

672 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1254
Email: lm77@buffalo.edu

irene mucci.

Irene F. Mucci

Associate Dean for Resource Management

674 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1261
Email: imucci@buffalo.edu

Nancy Smyth.

Associate Dean for Faculty Development

657 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-1243
Email: njsmyth@buffalo.edu

Katie Stalker.

Director of Field Education

634 Baldy Hall
Phone: 716-645-6444
Email: kstalker@buffalo.edu

Katie Stalker.

Erin Zack

Associate Director of Advancement

1105 Kimball Tower
Phone: 716-829-3737
Email: erinzack@buffalo.edu