SW 625 Using Professional Collaboration Networks for Pre-Implementation Planning

3 credits

This course emphasizes the advanced use of digital professional collaboration networks (PCNs) as a platform for knowledge development and translation, and introduces strategies to effectively maintain, enhance, and extend multidisciplinary PCNs. We will consider how PCNs can be utilized to interact, collaborate, and strategize with a diverse range of stakeholders. Students will use PCNs as a modality for pre-implementation planning and development, and will build their PCNs by identifying individuals and groups holding expertise in a substantive topic area.Through active engagement in PCNs, students will explore factors that can impede the uptake of evidence-based interventions in practice settings. Students will also use their PCNs to understand issues contributing to performance and outcome gaps, and to consider the translation of evidence into practice within the context of a trauma-informed human rights (TIHR) perspective.

Prerequisite: SW 621 Concepts in Implementation Science or permission of instructor(s)