SW 629 Disseminating, Spreading/Scaling, and Sustaining Interventions

3 credits

This course will focus on developing students’ knowledge of the science of dissemination, and theories and frameworks used to support the spread, scale, and sustainment of an intervention. We will examine knowledge translation strategies for dissemination and methods to assess barriers and facilitators to effective dissemination. Using implementation science, students will consider how to adopt a structured and phased approach to replicating, adapting, and further evaluating an intervention, including approaches to advance equity and a TIHR perspective. We will review theoretical and empirical literature pertaining to the concept of sustainability and examine tools to assess and plan for the sustainment of interventions. Students will also have the opportunity to explore frameworks and models used in de-implementation when needed.

Prerequisite: SW632 Capstone II Designing Implementation Strategies or permission of instructor(s).