SW 634 DSW Capstone IV: Evaluating & Disseminating Interventions

3 credits

This course builds on Capstone III, and is the final step in the students’ capstone projects. In consultation with professional collaboration networks (PCNs) and key stakeholders, students will critically evaluate whether strategies to reduce evidence-to-practice gaps were effective and why. This includes assessing how the elements of the implementation strategies were delivered or adapted, the fidelity to the evidence-based intervention components and principles, and uptake and sustainability. It is expected that students will exhibit leadership in advancing evidence-based interventions that incorporate a trauma-informed human rights (TIHR) perspective, and disseminate results pertaining to implementation efforts through a variety of venues and modalities. This may include but is not limited to white papers, manuscripts, policy briefs, training manuals, infographics, and/or presentations at local, national, and international conferences.

Prerequisite: SW633: DSW Capstone III: Testing Implementation Strategies