SW 572 Mental Health and Disability Social Work

3 credits

In this course, students will examine policy, theory, research, and practice issues related to mental health disabilities across the lifespan. The course focuses on problem definition and evidence-based service provision in mental health settings, utilizing a trauma-informed, human rights perspective when relevant, within the context of social policies and macro-level practices. The course illustrates multiple roles social workers take across settings when working with people with acute or severe and persistent mental illnesses. Central to this course is an understanding of historical policy formations at national, regional, and local levels, particularly as they influence current practice realities.  Students will examine multiple levels of response to deterioration in mental health and adaptive abilities. Students will examine multiple levels of response to deterioration in mental health and adaptive abilities. Students will develop understanding of mental health policy based on critical advocacy roles that social workers play in ensuring equitable access to services, reasonable accommodations, and legal remedies related to discrimination, oppression, and human rights violations for those with mental health-related disabilities. The effect of social location and context will be examined as they influence access to mental health services. This advanced year course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to be effective practitioners across micro, mezzo, or macro mental health practice realities.