Advanced Interventions, Advanced Topic Analysis & Elective Courses

The charts below reflect previous course offerings/ delivery methods and are subject to change.

Course Delivery Method Definitions

  • Seated: Taught in a traditional classroom environment, in person and taken on campus.
  • Hybrid (or Blended): Delivered as a mix of online and seated.  
  • Online: Delivered 100 percent online.

Not all advanced courses are delivered online. Online students must select from the online courses offered in each of the following categories.

Advanced Interventions Courses

The advanced interventions courses further develop social work skills and practice modalities in diverse settings and with diverse systems. You are required to take one advanced interventions course. All courses are 3 credits each.

Advanced Topic Analysis Courses

The advanced topic analysis courses reflect our commitment to community-based practice in agency settings with diverse populations, to strengthening clients’ social functioning and to creating just and effective policies and programs. You are required to take two advanced topic analysis courses. All courses are 3 credits each.

Elective Courses

Course Online Hybrid Seated
SW 543 Professional Development Seminar (1 credit) X   X
SW 554 Motivational Interviewing and Assessment     X
SW 556 Forensic Social Work     X
SW 557 Evidence Based Mental Health Practice X    
SW 559 Trauma Theory and Treatment X   X
SW 573 Solution Focused Practice X    
SW 578 Gender Issues     X
SW 580 Psychopathology X   X
SW 582 Multicultural Issues in Social Work     X
SW 583 People with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families     X
SW 584 Personality Disorders     X
SW 586 Responding to Refugees/Immigrants     X
SW 587 Addiction and the Family X    
SW 588 SW Practice with Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans Populations     X
SW 589 Working with Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse X   X
SW 591 Spirituality in Social Work     X
SW 593 EMDR     X
SW 595 Agency Grant Writing X   X
SW 596 Community Development and Change     X
SW 597 Play Therapy     X
SW 598 Behavior Disorders of Childhood X    
SW 599 Public School Social Work     X
SW 708 Responding to Disasters with Social Work Interventions     X
SW 710 Loss and Grief Across the Life Course     X
SW 714 International Social Work X    
SW 715 Advanced Seminar in Trauma     X
SW 717 Human Sexuality for Social Workers X    
SW 720 Intro. to Veteran and Family Care   X  
SW 721 Social Policy and Programs for the Aging Population X    
SW 722 Restorative Justice Cert. Training     X
SW 725 Reproductive Justice X    
SW 727 Infant Mental Health X    
SW 728 Public Health SW in Action     X
SW 988 Enhance Clinical Practice using Emerging Technologies X    
SW 995 Disability and Human Rights X    
SW 996 Interpersonal Violence X