SW 663 Social Work Scholarship

1 credit

Students are required to register for three semesters of the one-credit Social Work Scholarship proseminar: both semesters of the first year; one semester (spring or fall according to student choice) in the second year.

This proseminar is designed to foster students’ intellectual and professional development into innovative and productive social work scholars. Through delivered content, assignments, and interactions, students will have opportunities to: 1) amass critical knowledge needed to become expert in a specific substantive area; 2) hone professional skills and strategies; and 3) integrate interdisciplinary experiences and content with social work knowledge, methods, and ethics. Students will reflect on their emerging scholarship – in terms of their substantive areas and professional profiles – in relation to the wide range of systems (e.g., individuals, families, groups,communities, organizations), systems of care, and fields of practice (e.g.,clinical intervention, community intervention, administration, policy) in which social work is engaged.