Course Online Hybrid Seated
SW 543 Professional Development Seminar (1 credit) X   X
SW 554 Motivational Interviewing and Assessment     X
SW 556 Forensic Social Work     X
SW 557 Evidence Based Mental Health Practice X    
SW 559 Trauma Theory and Treatment X   X
SW 573 Solution Focused Practice X    
SW 578 Gender Issues     X
SW 580 Psychopathology X   X
SW 582 Multicultural Issues in Social Work     X
SW 583 People with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families     X
SW 584 Personality Disorders     X
SW 586 Responding to Refugees/Immigrants     X
SW 587 Addiction and the Family X    
SW 588 SW Practice with Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans Populations     X
SW 589 Working with Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse X   X
SW 591 Spirituality in Social Work     X
SW 593 EMDR     X
SW 595 Agency Grant Writing X   X
SW 596 Community Development and Change     X
SW 597 Play Therapy     X
SW 598 Behavior Disorders of Childhood X    
SW 599 Public School Social Work     X
SW 708 Responding to Disasters with Social Work Interventions     X
SW 710 Loss and Grief Across the Life Course     X
SW 714 International Social Work X    
SW 715 Advanced Seminar in Trauma     X
SW 717 Human Sexuality for Social Workers X    
SW 720 Intro. to Veteran and Family Care   X  
SW 721 Social Policy and Programs for the Aging Population X    
SW 722 Restorative Justice Cert. Training     X
SW 725 Reproductive Justice X    
SW 727 Infant Mental Health X    
SW 728 Public Health SW in Action     X
SW 988 Enhance Clinical Practice using Emerging Technologies X    
SW 995 Disability and Human Rights X    
SW 996 Interpersonal Violence X