PhD students take a total of 15 credits of doctoral electives; MSW/PhD students take a total of 6 credits.

A critical component of the UB School of Social Work PhD program is the student-directed and interdisciplinary curriculum. These elective courses are intended to be taken outside the SSW in order to foster interdisciplinary exposure and exchange. Electives can help build knowledge in the student’s area of skills and strengthen analytic skills. Taking courses across the Graduate School at UB also provides an opportunity to work with exceptional faculty members in other departments with related expertise, and provides opportunities for students to forge innovative connections across theories, methods, or fields of study.

Students have taken research methods courses in a variety of departments at UB, including: Sociology, Psychology, Nursing, Education Leadership and Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Architecture, Political Science, Law, Epidemiology and Environmental Health, Biostatistics, Organizational and Behavioral Science, Philosophy, Geography, and Counseling, School & Educational Psychology. Please browse the UB Graduate Class Schedule for specific offerings.