SW 721 Social Policy and Programs for the Aging Population

3 credits

This course is designed to familiarize students with social policies and programs for meeting the rapidly growing needs of the older population. Policies, programs, and services for older adults will be examined, with an emphasis on similarities and differences related to diversity and human rights. This course is intended to increase the student's awareness and knowledge of programs and services provided through the Older Americans Act, the Social Security Act (including Medicare and Medicaid), Affordable Care Act, and other policies and community initiatives for the aging population. It will focus on the history, features, strengths, and limitations of these existing policies, and provide the skills needed to advocate for change at the legislative, agency and/or community level. Students will be exposed to content areas that will enable them to understand aging programs that deal with social services, health care, housing, and other elements of community and institutional long-term care systems. This course will incorporate a trauma-informed and human rights perspective when considering policies that target the older adult population.