Course Descriptions

The framework and sequencing of the MSW curriculum is guided by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Required courses are categorized as either foundation or advanced. You must successfully complete all required foundation level courses prior to enrolling in any advanced course. You may enroll in electives, including those taken online, at any time.

Foundation Courses

Our foundation curriculum is organized into five sequences: Policy and Diversity (SW500, SW503); Human Behavior in the Social Environment (SW505, SW506); Research (SW510, SW514); Interventions (SW520, SW521); and Field Education (SW 550, SW551). All courses are 3 credits each unless otherwise noted.

Advanced Year Courses

Building upon the skills and knowledge gained in your foundation year, the advanced year curriculum allows you to individualize your study to reflect the practice areas that interest you most.

The advanced year includes the following required courses:

Advanced Interventions Courses – 3 Credits Required

The advanced interventions courses are aimed at cultivating advanced social work skills and practice modalities in diverse settings and with diverse systems. You are required to take one advanced interventions course. All courses are 3 credits each.

Advanced Topic Analysis Courses – 6 Credits Required

The advanced topic analysis courses reflect our commitment to community-based practice in agency settings with diverse populations, to strengthening the social functioning of people and to creating just and effective policies and programs. You are required to take two advanced topic analysis courses. All courses are 3 credits each.

Elective Courses – 9 Credits Required

All courses are 3 credits each unless otherwise noted. This is a historical list and does not necessarily reflect current offerings.