SW 996, Sex, Love, Pleasure, and Pain: Assessing and Treating Clinical Issues in Human Sexuality

3 credits

This course introduces students to the assessment and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions, grounded in an understanding of normative sexual behaviors and functioning. This course prepares students to address sex and sexuality in clinical sessions with adult individuals and couples; students will gain an understanding of the profound impact sexual dysfunction has on people. Students will gain an understanding of DSM diagnostic criteria for sexual disorders, sub-optimal sexual functioning, and other sexual problems. This course is an invitation toward increasing your awareness of yourself as a sexual person. We will explore how prejudice, poverty, class, race, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, religion, disability and access to services impact sexual problems and their treatment. We will define consent, the impact of trauma on sexual functioning, and learn how gender does and does not relate to sexual functioning. Course content relevant to adolescents and youth will be less comprehensive. This course will not focus on the forensic assessment and treatment of sexually criminal behavior (e.g., child molestation and pedophilia).