Human Biology Requirement

All MSW students are required to complete a 3-credit undergraduate human biology or anatomy and physiology course from an accredited college or university before beginning the advanced coursework. Your acceptance letter will state whether or not you have fulfilled this requirement based on your undergraduate coursework. If you have not yet fulfilled the requirement, choose one of the options below.

Please Note!

The requirement is VERY specific. It must be a 3-credit undergraduate course (lab not required) from an accredited college or university.
The course must cover:

1. Human life span development from birth through aging
2. Basic anatomy and human systems including nervous, skeletal, digestive, reproductive, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory

Course titles that typically satisfy this requirement are:
Human Biology, The Human Machine, or Anatomy and Physiology

Courses that usually DO NOT count:
Intro to Biology or General Biology
Cell Biology
Anatomy (without Physiology)
Physiology (without Anatomy)
Bio/ Developmental Psychology

Option 1: Take Before Enrolling (Recommended)

If possible, we recommend satisfying this course requirement before you begin your MSW coursework as a matriculated student. There are a few ways to do this:

Option 2: Take During MSW

As another option, students can take the human biology course alongside other MSW coursework. Note that if you choose this option, the human biology course must be completed by the June before you begin the advanced coursework. 

Approved UB Courses:

  • SW 101 (online) - recommended
  • BIO 129

If you are an admitted student that has previously taken a course or combination of courses that you believe cover all the required content outlined above, send a full syllabus for each course to with a subject line of "Human Biology Review Request."