The HPPAE is a national initiative to recruit and train the next generation of social workers by transforming how geriatric education is taught in Masters of Social Work programs nationwide. The program equips social workers with the knowledge, skills and competencies to improve care and well-being of older adults and their families.

Partnering with community agencies

HPPAE is anchored by partnerships between the UBSSW and community-based agencies that develop their own local model to best fit their needs.

At its heart is a unique fieldwork model. Students gain a rich understanding of the spectrum of aging and the diverse services that older adults and their caregivers need.

Internship opportunities

Seminars with experts

Seminars are conducted via distance learning technology and feature presentations by field educators and other experts who serve as “master teachers” and introduce a variety of topics, including issues surrounding the aging process and work with diverse populations.

Seminars are required for HPPAE interns, but all MSW students are invited to attend.