UB Card

Your UB Card is your key to campus life and it is also your official university identification.

You will use your UB Card:

You will be eligible for a UB Card once you are registered for classes — you will need your UBITName and password.

How to Obtain a UB Card

On-campus Students

The UB Card Office issues all cards. The North Campus location is Room 228 in the Student Union and the South Campus location is Suite 104 in Harriman Hall. The cost is $20.

Online Students

For online students, we offer the Online Program Official UB Card. This card is intended to verify that you are a member of the extended university community.

The cost is $20. If you continue your studies on campus in the future, you must obtain a traditional UB Card. In that event, you will be able to exchange this card towards the purchase of a traditional one.