The Field Placement Process

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Overview of Placement Process

By following the steps listed below, you begin the process of securing your field placement for the upcoming academic year.

Application materials consist of the following:

  • Acknowledgement.
  • Application or Employment Based Application.
  • Cover letter/resume.
  • Site Recommendation form (Online students only)
  • Agency Search and Agency Request Form (for Advanced Year students only). This is your choice of three agencies you would like to be placed with.

Online Student Field Placements

Employment-based field placements

Current students seeking placement outside of Erie and Niagara counties

  • Application and cover letter/resume: see above
  • See above: Field Placement Coordinator will be assigned
  • Site recommendation form: more deadlines will come from your coordinator

Current students seeking placement in Erie and Niagara counties

  • Application and cover letter/resume: see above
  • Agency request form (advanced year only): due Feb 1

Incoming students

  • All materials: See above.  Typically due within 2 weeks of being accepted.
Attention: Advanced Year Students

Every effort will be made to allow Advanced Year students to schedule an interview at one of their preferred agencies; however, this may not be possible depending on the volume of requests for a particular agency. Once you submit your field application with your preferred agency selections, information on which agency you may schedule an interview with will be emailed to you. Students will only interview at a second agency if the first interview did not provide a placement match.

Sonia Field Placement System

Sonia has been specially designed to bring together information for field placement in a way that is convenient for MSW students.

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